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Mapping! - Ultimate GPS logger


The point of Mapping! is to turn your casual everyday life into a game!No annoying entries or functions. Just keep moving, and you will create a map of your life, only one in the world!Mapping! records everywhere you go, building a one-of-a-kind map just for you.No annoying entries or functions. Just keep moving to build a map of your life!This app can make the little trips that you repeat every day, going back and forth to work or school, into a game.
Two ways to challenge yourself● Heat Map ModeThe color of the route gets deeper the more you pass over it.You can see at a glance the places you always go, the places you never go, and the places you went a long time ago.Its fun to discover slightly different ways to get to school or work, or to take a walk somewhere a little different.Stay on the same route and in a few days it will start to turn a beautiful color.
● Adventure ModeIt only shows where you actually go. You are building a map of the world with your footsteps.The map area is a challenging enough 510,066,000 square kilometers. See if you can complete it. Start from where you live.
In both modes you can save a picture at any place you pass by at least once.Post a pic of places you want to remember... Here is that weird subway entrance! This is a dangerous spot! This is a good spot to take a rest!
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